TheCuteKid Contest

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  1. I believe my son is the most adorable/handsome baby boy I have ever seen! I would love to enter him into any and every contest!

  2. i want to introduce the most beautiful baby in the world. Paislei Monae is a guarantee gerber baby..the search is over..

  3. My daughter Keilani is the next Gerber baby! Her fathers background is Hawaiian so she is a beautiful dark eyed, dark haired beauty, with a contagious smile!

  4. Our daughter has the most adorable smile…she is 5 months and she would definitely be the perfect baby for gerber baby….her name is Kendall Lauren:-)

  5. I’d like to enter my daughter, Alayna, into this, and Gerber’s other contests! I believe she would win! She is the next Gerber baby! Thank you!

  6. Our little Peyton is $ months and he should be the next Gerber baby. He is adorable with the cutest smile. We would love to enter the contest.

  7. Hi my name is Diamond and I know my daughter Heaven would be the PERFECT gerber baby. She has a beautiful smile, big dimples, and big pretty eyes.

  8. My daughter Elizabyth is in this contest. She is 9 months old and absolutely adorable. I’m not going to ask you to vote for her, just check out her picture. I’ll let her do the winning.

  9. Dear Gerber.

    You need to see my 15 wees old Guliana. She is the “OFFICIAL GERBER BABY” no if ands or but’s. You gotta see her to believe it.

  10. Hi I’m really interested in entering my daughter in the contest… Please let me know how to go about it
    Thank you

  11. Hello :) I am lacey, the proud mother of 8 month old Skylar Scarlett Blaze! I have been told she is a cute kiddo. Wish my baby girl luck!

  12. Hello we are blessed with a beautiful daughter who is 4mo old now i wouldlike to enter her in the contest you will never regret if you see her.I was told not once, not twice but tons of times that my baby should be a model and whenever we are in public never fail a time that people would stop and told us that our daugther is so precious, cute, adorable, beautiful, etc!

  13. We would LOVE to enter our amazing son Benjamin into the contest :) He is 7 months old, hispanic, black hair, and big blue beautiful eyes.

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