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Gerber Baby Contest is Over!

Well... at least for now. The Gerber baby photo contest usually start sometimes in the fall and winners will be announces in the beginning of the year.

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Is Your Baby Ready to Win the Next Gerber Baby Contest?

Yes, it’s true and you might have heard that the Gerber Baby 2016 Photo Search has not started yet. And usually sometimes in the fall, that’s when it begins. With that in mind, don’t be disappointed or discouraged because there’s still a few things that you can do right now to take advantage of and be prepared.

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Number 2 Spend sometimes on this page to learn of the previous rules of the photo contest that Gerber put out each year. And also get some great tips that will help you be prepared to win the Gerber contest this year when its eventually start.

You’re already way ahead of the game just by reading this. You’re be the first to get notify of the contest when it start and have all the great baby contest tips. Now all you need is some real practices.

Number 3 The practice. While you’re waiting for the next Gerber baby photo search contest why not enter your baby to a few baby photo contests like this one below.

Enter Baby Photo Contest and Win 2016 for a Grand Prize $25,000We strongly recommend you to submit your baby photos to “the CuteKid” one of our favorite contests for kids and babies while you are waiting for Gerber.

This way you and your baby are well prepared with some experiences under your belts. Baby photo contests are fun and should be thought of as activities and precious moments with your baby.

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated, sponsored or related to Gerber in anyway, shape or form. All information are not commissioned by Gerber or represent Gerber. It is the opinions of the website owner for entertainment purposes and not legal advice. You as an individual should do your own research and be responsible for your own action. The owner and author of this website is not taking any responsibility of what you choose to do with the information you read on this website.

The following information are what we’ve summarized from the last Gerber baby 2015 photo search official rules.

We were able to get a copy of it and you can read the boring stuff here or just keep reading as we share with you the good stuff from it and tips that we think are more exciting. We believe the famous photo contest rules are going to be very similar this year with few minor changes if not exact same.

Either way, we’ll keep this Gerber contest guide and tips updated as more information leaks out or announces.

Now that we got the boring disclaimer stuff out of the way it’s time for the meats, the “good stuff”.

Gerber Baby Photo Contest Prizes You Can Win

Gerber grand prizeThe grand prize winner will take home a whooping $50,000 USD cash awarded to only 1 winner. Hopefully, it’s you one of our visitors. And don’t you go thinking that this $50k cash must be use for your baby’s college funds. It can be but don’t have to. It’s not requires. But that’s not the end of the cash part yet.

Do you have to pay taxes on your winning? Most likely you will. But no worries, Gerber got you covered on that too. How about another extra $15,540 cash sound? That’s exactly what the 2015 Gerber baby contest winner got to help paid for the taxes.

And of course, it’s not require that you used it for that purpose. If you know how to get around the IRS then you can use it for something else. But our advice is pay your taxes. Don’t spoiled that fun by getting in troubles.

The fun stuff just getting started. Your baby will be featured in Gerber brand advertisements for the following year. The opportunity to appeared in Gerber ads is (not a guarantee). <<==⇐Gerber just has to add it in there just in case for some weird reasons it didn’t work out for them. That’s at least is what we think.

Any travel expenses that related to photo shoot for the baby and his or her parents are paid for too.

Last but not least, your baby get a $1,500 worth of clothing from Gerber Childrenswear.

So the actual estimated retail value awarded come to a grand total of $67,040.

Gerber Baby 2015 Photo Search Winner - Baby Isla

New clothes, big cash, and fame, no wonder the Gerber baby photo contest is the biggest baby contest and made news each and every year. It is a big deal to win. The opportunities and possibilities are endless. Possible leading your child to baby modeling and baby beauty pageants.

Gerber + baby + contest = Gerber baby modeling

Baby modeling agencies and agents are usually keep a close eye on contests like these. Or they might even be one of the judges in the events.

This is probably one of the best and cheapest way to have your child start of in the right path into the entertainment industries.

By winning the grand prize your baby is modeling for Gerber and getting lots of exposures to these model agencies.

There are 6 Milestone Categories You Can Enter To Gerber

Each milestones awarded with $3,500 in cash and $750 in clothing from Gerber Childrenswear. That’s a total retail value of $4,250. And the cash just like the grand prize, the 6 milestone winners were awarded in the form of a check also.

Here are the six milestone categories:


Image credit:

No purchase necessary to enter the Gerber contest but there are some requirements. And entry is totally free making it also the biggest FREE baby photo contest on the planet.

The only requirements are; you must be a legal resident of the 50 United States and District of Columbia who are at least 18 years old are parents or legal guardians of the child or children that is/are between the age of one day to 48 months old at the time of entering the contest.

And if you’re a Gerber employee then you should know already that you’re not supposed to participate in Gerber’s baby contest.

Photo qualifications for Gerber contest submission

You can only submit one picture and that picture must be current. It must be taken within the last 30 days at the time of submitting to contest. So if you have a really cute picture of your baby at 4 months old, she’s now 6 months old and the contest is starting today then that baby photo is not eligible.

Professional pictures are not allowed. So don’t hire photographer to take photos. Do it yourself. When you spend the time to photograph your baby it’s fun and more rewarding anyway.

Photo collages which are 2 or more pictures that made into one main picture are not allowed. So don’t cut and paste pictures together it will be disqualified. Avoid as much photo editing as possible beside basic like resize, crop, convert file format, and maybe lighten the photo because it’s too dark. (More tips later)

You might have to convert the picture file into .jpg, .png, or .bmp format if it’s not so and file size cannot be more than 5 MB.

You must have all legal rights to the picture. Plus, the photo may not published before you submitted it to the Gerber’s photo contest. Make sure you own that picture and that you’re the legal guardian of the child that’s in the photograph then don’t submit or publish it anywhere else but Gerber.

Don’t even upload it to your Facebook page. (Just to be safe. Anything you upload to Facebook will be their properties.)

Who is the Baby on Gerber Baby Food?

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  1. Hi,
    My son is 7 months old and i want to enter the contest kindly tell me the way to enter the contest. Pls tell me the last date of submitting the photograph.

  2. I understand that Gerber is looking for natural pictures of children in their own natural environment, but there has to be a great deal more that they are looking for. Do you have any other suggestions, secrets or tips as to what that could be? That would really be useful as well as helpful. Thanks so much!

    • Everyone looking for that secret to win and it’s normal. But the real secret is very simple, you already know. You should spend a great deal be ready to have that magic moment and capture it. That mean have your camera ready at all time, be patient, and take tons of pictures. And don’t just think only of one contest. Gerber contests are great but there are many more. So enter as many as you can to increase exposure and chances of winning. Think of it as a fun and memorable activity to do with your child. Enjoy it.

  3. Hello, I submitted my daughter’s photo for the Gerber “Be Our Baby” Contest, however more than 3 days have passed and “My Personal Page” still says that I have no pictures available. I am just wondering if anyone knows why that would be?

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