The World Most Famous Baby Photo Contest Story That Became A Household Brand "Gerber" That Everyone Loves

Where is the Gerber baby now? She’s a retired high teacher and a grandma. Ann Turner Cook the Original Gerber baby.

Whenever you hear the brand Gerber, a picture of the charcoal drawing adorable little Gerber baby face comes to mind. There is no escape for the Gerber baby face household brand. It’s the most popular brand baby food in America. There had been many speculations and under the impression that the charcoal Gerber baby was Sally Gerber and even Richard Nixon.

But the most popular guess was Humphrey Bogart, and there are good reasons for that. Humphrey Bogart Gerber baby? Nah…

Maud Bogart the mother of Humphrey Bogart was a successful commercial illustrator. She did created many sketches of baby Humphrey and also many good use of it. So the connection is pretty obvious to most. But, it wasn’t him.

If it’s not him then who is the real Gerber baby?

Gerber didn’t start marketing and advertising baby food until 1928 if so, then Humphrey Bogart is almost 30yrs old by this time. So it’s not Humphrey Bogart. Our question still go unanswered.

Who was the Gerber baby?

Dorothy Hope Smith a neighbor of cartoonist Leslie Turner submitted a charcoal drawing of 4mos old Ann Cook, Turner’s daughter to Gerber not knowing the consequence of how big it becomes. Where they live it wasn’t uncommon to use a neighbor’s baby as a model for drawings, nobody think much of it. That little action when on to make Ann Cook famous when her image first started appearing on Gerber products in 1928. Then it went on to be the official Gerber’s trademark in 1931.


The fame of Ann Cook didn’t officially belong to her and lingering until 1951 when Gerber paid Cook a $5,000 one-time cash settlement. It is Ann Cook the Gerber Baby that everyone wondering of. Dorothy Hope Smith was paid $300 originally for the drawing, both her and Cook don’t get any royalties for the use of that famous Gerber baby image.

The Gerber contest went on to inspire many more Gerber baby contests. Do you think you have a Gerber baby? That’s right the term “Gerber baby” became a term to say how cute your baby is. Hey got a cute baby or “Gerber baby”? Submit a photo to find out if you do have a baby that the judges believe to be the next “Gerber baby”. Enter this great baby photo contest to see if your kid indeed a cutie. Click here to enter “The CuteKid” contest.

Baby contests are great way to get your baby started in the entertainment industry. If win, then your baby can be set for college. Gerber baby contest offer $100,000 cash along with other prizes. In 2006, baby Kinetica Joule announced winner going home with $100,000. She was born October 2, 2005 what is she going to do with $100k?

This website help provide more information on the Gerber baby contest. We hope you find it useful. We get questions like these all the time.

“If I wanted my baby to be the face of Gerber how would I go with doing that?”
– Savannah

“I would like to know how to enter my baby into the Gerber Baby Contest….”
– Shawnice

“I was wondering if there is a way, outside of Facebook to vote for babies…”
– Cheryl

“I do not use Facebook. Can I still vote for my favorite baby?”
– Alida

Why do people have questions like these? Gerber doesn’t provide the answers or details to their contests? In short, they do. But sometime information do get buried and or lost in the world wide web, especially for a huge company and website like We hope that we can help get easier access to answers for your questions because our website is more focus and less information of what’s not needed for folks like you.

Last year, Gerber contest started in the fall and usually goes until the end of the year. Then sometime in Janaury the winners will be announced. And we expect it to start right around the same time this year. And hope that prices are as big as last year, grand price $50,000 and TV commercials.


We’ll keep you posted and have the details here as Gerber baby competition starts.

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The pros do this all the time. They shot hundreds of photos and only one with make it to the cover of the magazine.

Gerber Baby Contest Officially Announced For 2014